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slash and burn

1. Lit. of a farming technique where vegetation is cut down and burned before crops are planted. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The small farmers' slash-and-burn technique destroyed thousands of acres of forest.
2. Fig. of a crude and brash way of doing something. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The new manager's method was strictly slash and burn. He looks decisive to his boss and merciless to the people he fires.
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slash (out) at someone

to thrust out at someone with a knife or something similar, with the intent of cutting. The attacker slashed out at his victim and then ran away. Max slashed at the cop with a pocketknife.
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n. a drink of liquor. Just one slash, and I have to be going.
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John told the court his tyres were slashed and the word "p***" e bonnet ome w.
is really pressuring downstream steelmakers, with the global steel industry having slashed equipment utilization rate to 80%.
He gave his wallet containing cash and cards to the woman, but as he was released from the headlock, he was slashed to the face.
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank slashed the base rate to 8.
And the victims do not know who slashed them or what weapon was used.
Since then, fuel prices have been slashed every month and decreased twice in November.
Some 20 cars have been found with slashed tires in and around downtown
05pm on Saturday after the victim had been found slashed in Llandudno.
In 2005, the EU slashed price-linked production aid, sweetening this with direct payments.
Motorists woke up yesterday to find the slashed tyres - only four months after being targeted in another attack.
SAN FERNANDO - A man suspected of being an ``enforcer'' for the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang allegedly slashed his attorney's arm with a razor blade in court Monday during his murder trial.
Meanwhile, LanChile has slashed its flights between Santiago and Buenos Aires, Chile's air traffic to Argentina has fallen off so much that Chilean travel agencies no longer promote Argentina.
Certainly, many of the objects that will be shown are three dimensional and will not necessarily be hung on the slashed walls, but glare from the slashes is always going to be a problem with any arrangement, and the jagged pattern must continue to dominate the volumes unless it is actually obscured.
A woman was slashed in the face and across the arm by a frenzied knifeman in Birmingham during an attack in broad daylight after she refused to give him a cigarette.
That location has not insulated the country from relentless human expansion, however, which has slashed the original tropical forest cover by 80 percent.