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Panel chair Susan Hurds said: "The panel considers that slapping a patient is always wrong.
But the probe also found the man admitted slapping the woman "as he believed she was going to hit him" but denied hitting her more than once.
Pacheco has already been convicted on charges of slapping a government official, though he is appealing the sentence.
The prosecutor accused Mostafa of slapping him during an argument over the whereabouts of protesters arrested during a January rally in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.
For 350 dollars, Tata offers a "face firming" slapping massage, which is said on the company's website to "lessen wrinkles and make your skin firmer.
Katie Simpson, prosecuting, said the 90-year-old had kicked the defendant in the stomach while she was changing her bedding and then alleged Wrigley retaliated by slapping the patient on the leg.
Looking at the stills after both of these runs, I noticed I had been slapping the trigger without even realizing it while shooting.
Prosecutor Justin Gau told Winchester Crown Court in Hampshire: "This is a very sad case where anti-social behaviour turned to tragedy, where happy slapping turned to manslaughter.
Most slapping, after all, happens in the privacy of a home, and most children up to age 3 aren't capable of reporting it.
I read a book about someone slapping someone with a fish when I was a child and thought it would be a great way to vent anger.
It alleged he had been guilty of a "violent and nasty assault" on Miss McLoughlin by slapping her across the face, punching her in the ribs and screaming "f*** off home", he said.
SLAPPING your child may soon be against the law here.
FURTHER to recent reports on the so-called happy slapping craze sweeping through our centres of excellence - where school pupils happily slap one another across the face presumably because they can think of nothing better to do with their precious time Many of us can recall an era when the not so happy slapping was purposefully administered by the teachers to maintain discipline and concentrate our minds and senses on the subject matter in hand leading eventually to credit worthy results of which they were justifiably proud
Sordelet guided Hunt's hand with his while she rehearsed slapping her co-star across the face.
If you've been locking the door handle latches from the inside by slapping or punching the door handle latch mechanism, then Stop