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Enough or not enough, we must make it do," said Matvey, slamming the carriage door and stepping back onto the steps.
With slamming of brakes it was brought to a stop, while the faces of the occupants took new lease of interest of life and stared at the young man and woman in the light rig that barred the way.
All this passed in undertones, and at this point Schomberg, exasperated at our secrecy, went out of the room slamming the door with a crash that positively lifted us in our chairs.
The slamming of carriage doors burst out sharp and spiteful like a fusillade; an icy draught mingled with acrid fumes swept the whole length of the platform and made a tottering old man, wrapped up to his ears in a woollen comforter, stop short in the moving throng to cough violently over his stick.
The slamming of the outer door restored my sight, and I went on contemplating the empty chair in the empty ante-room.
Doors were slamming violently, lamps were flickering or blown out, signs were rocking in their frames, the water of the kennels, wind-dispersed, flew about in drops like rain.
cried old Wardle, climbing into the chaise, pulling up the steps, and slamming the door after him.
She remembered hearing some sound which she imagined to be the slamming of a door.
They crawled back from a 9-0 deficit by slamming two home runs off Bartolo Colon, who started off with three no-hit innings but lasted just five because of lower-back stiffness he felt after the first inning.
The first Sunday of every month offers slamming poets the option of performing with Marc Smith's band, The Pong Unit, during the competition, ]nixing jazz with poetry.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Settling a slamming complaint against it by the State of Arizona, AT&T agreed this week to pay $150,000 to the state to cover legal costs stemming from the complaint.
To protect customers from ongoing slamming and deceptive marketing schemes by MCI WorldCom, SBC Ameritech Illinois (NYSE:SBC) asked state regulators today to enforce their July Emergency Order forbidding MCI WorldCom from engaging in these practices.
Regardless of the nay-sayers, night after night, all around the world, poets are slamming in front of large and lively audiences.
Slamming is simply the illegal art of having your long-distance company changed without your knowledge or permission.
Ameritech (NYSE: AIT), in cooperation with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), is offering free protection to secure customers' telephone accounts from unauthorized, illegal changes known as slamming.