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Mary to tequila slammers like a drunk duck water SUE "She did not want the salt though.
The newspaper's third issue will be available July 30, and the Little Rock man who distributes The Slammer in central Arkansas said, "It's been received pretty well.
The NRC said its advisory, dated August 29, is intended to alert power plant operators of "the recent identification of a potential vulnerability of the plant computer network to infection" by Slammer.
In South Korea, the world's most wired country, Slammer nearly cut off all Web access.
64 per cent of poll participants felt that system administrators who failed to keep their systems updated with the latest security patches had been most at fault for allowing Slammer to spread.
Alongside infecting as many computers it could find, Slammer sent multiple copies of itself across the internet, from as many locations as it could manage.
Thankfully for most of us, Slammer was unlikely to attack any home computers, although in theory it could have done if they were connected to the net and running the right software.
A further 24% blamed Microsoft for shipping software with bugs in it - Microsoft warned systems administrators of the vulnerability that Slammer exploited in July 2002.
And his country's recent victory over England has put them on course to win the Northern Hemisphere's biggest prize in rugby and has led to his invention of a new cocktail - the grand slammer.
New Axiom Slammer Series 2 Boosts Performance by 50% with Double the Cache and Processing Power At No Additional Cost
Both were hit by SQL Slammer but each organization used network management software to quickly detect the problem, isolate it, repair it and bring systems back online.
When the Slammer (or Sapphire) worm began to spread across the Internet in January; it did so at a furious pace: The population of infected machines doubled in size every 8.
A new virus called Slammer has reportedly caused disruptions to Internet service in the US, Asia and Europe on 25 January 2003.
Casting in front of the melee with something such as a Castaic Soft bait, Generic trout, MS Slammer or an Osprey and using a stop-and-go retrieve can yield bone-jarring takes.
The Slammer worm virus struck in late January 2003.