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I'm not slagging them off, I just think that with Seve's name attached to it and the idea behind it, it's kind of the equivalent to the President's Cup for the American boys.
I couldn't care less whether a player is from Tyneside or Timbuktu, and I'm not slagging them off, I'm only expressing my opinion.
The ex-Tory MP should be helping the poor rather than callously slagging them off.
Some of these old dears I see wandering around town on the lookout for the cheapest all day breakfast, seem more like Fred and Ethel than Posh and Becks to me, so why not root for the oldsters instead of slagging them off all the time.
FOLK star Newton Faulkner has become pals with wild US rockers Kings Of Leon - by slagging them off.
Ms Clarke told the Evening Standard: "I don't feel that I have been slagging them off - it was just a laugh.
SINGER Nerina Pallot is headed for hits at the age of 30 - but says she'll be snubbed by bigger acts for slagging them off.
A Birmingham City fan came up to me in the pub and started having a go, saying I was slagging them off.
Let's not knock these women who work so hard to earn a living in a 'male' sport and perhaps Paul Haigh would, for once, write an article complimenting women rather than slagging them off.
My advice to Mr Paterson, who didn't state where he came from originally, is to get out more often and meet the people from an area before he starts slagging them off.
Walsh's recent letter about rip-off taxi drivers: I am fed up with people slagging them off.
The day they work on their own without exercise, is the day we'll stop slagging them off.
YES we played badly, but some so-called fans should get behind Sir Bob and the team instead of slagging them off.
I AM taxi driver's wife and I am totally fed up with people slagging them off all the time.
I am the partner of a Middlesbrough street warden and I have listened to people slagging them off for far too long.