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Jazzy King told 3am: "Mel B really slagged us off for that kiss and made a point of giving us a dirty look - all mock-shocked and pearls clutched, which is ironic considering she spent all of her time in the Spice Girls doing inappropriate things.
Nathan said: "We've had a bit of a Twitter war with Joe after he slagged us off for being 'cringey' and stripping off.
One thing we really found interesting is that he'd come up to us and be really cool, but then we'd hear or read that he'd slagged us off.
In general, returning Reds are accorded a magnanimous welcome when playing in front of the Kop, the exceptions appearing to be those who left us voluntarily (McManaman), those who slagged us off after their departure (Collymore) or the complete losers (Diouf).
Even our former lord and master Tony Blair was rumoured to have slagged us off, calling us the 'f***ing Welsh' because we didn't all vote the right way in 1999's Assembly elections.
Cheryl said: "They slagged us off when we first started and said we wouldn't be around for five minutes.
Sue, 53, who also seeks damages from C4 and producers Optomen, said: "I'm losing my livelihood, home and every penny I've got - all because of the way Gordon Ramsay slagged us off.
He was a good servant to this club, never slagged us off and still doesn't.
They kept the young boys on their toes and slagged us off.
That is why Jack Ashley and Tony Blair slagged us off very severely.
I slagged us off completely I said, `oh my God,Heidi looks like she's come in from a biker chick convention,and Mutya looks like she's come in from a war,' but they left that out and just dwelled on what I said about Liberty X.
They even slagged us off for asking the guests to donate money to charity instead of giving us presents.
He said: "They've slagged us off but a lot of the boys will want to show them a thing or two and prove them wrong.
Cheryl Tweedy said: 'They slagged us off when we first started and said we wouldn't be around for five minutes.