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Jim Peddie said: "Considering she slagged him off badly in the press last week, it would have been hypocritical for her to leave due to his death.
The ex-footballer is furious that a fellow dancer slagged him off behind his back at the BBC1 show's grand final on Saturday.
A male trolley dolly slagged him off and they got into an open slanging match.
For years I've slagged him off about being small, a crap singer and questioned how someone as beautiful as Rosanna Davison could be his daughter.
Besides which, are all the irate punters who slagged him off colour blind?
Firstly, Yoko Ono slagged him off at a music magazine awards ceremony for being an inferior rhymesterto her much more talented John.
I just want to say the people who slagged him off and said so many nasty things about him are now, I hope, beginning to realise how good a manager he is.
LOUDMOUTH DJ Chris Moyles met his match when he was presented to Prince William - who promptly slagged him off for being too fat.
He had to back down after his wife slagged him off for the "shamelessly tacky" idea in public.
MEL B's estranged hubby Jimmy Gulzaris threatening to tell all about their marriage after the Spice Girl slagged him off in an interview with Hello
MOBY has taken a pop at Eminem after he slagged him off in his No.
I have slagged him off a bit over the years for that because it was the only negative thing he did to me in my life.