the sky's the limit

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the sky's the limit

Anything is possible. The sky's the limit for our talented graduates!
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The sky's the limit.

Inf. there is no upper limit. I can afford it. The sky's the limit. You can do anything you set your mind to, Billy. The sky's the limit.
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the sky's the limit

COMMON You say the sky's the limit to mean that someone or something could be extremely successful. `How much are you hoping to make for this charity of yours?' — `Well loads hopefully. I mean the sky's the limit.' Asked how far the young tennis player could go, McEnroe said simply: `The sky's the limit.'
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the sky is the limit

there is practically no limit.
1991 Nation He proudly proclaims that today in Russia the sky is the limit to what a person can earn.
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the sky’s the ˈlimit

(spoken, informal) there is no limit or end to something, especially somebody’s success or progress: For an ambitious young woman in this business, the sky’s the limit.
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STEVE LOMAS insists the sky is the limit for St Johnstone this season - but admits the next three games could define their campaign.
LIVERPOOL HARRIER Anyika Onuora reached the lowest ebb of her career last year as a series of injuries saw her National Lottery funding scrapped - but after scorching her way to the World Championships she believes the sky is the limit in Daegu.
I believe that the sky is the limit for today's girl if she follows a few key pointers:
If, for example, hotels begin to expand their pet menus to include all-day dining for turtles, ferrets and parakeets, it would become clear that we have reached a watershed moment in the history of the Republic, a time of unbridled optimism where the sky is the limit in terms of consumer spending.
And when you examine the possibilities of bringing a Super Bowl to Los Angeles, the sky is the limit.
Some rules need to be broken and the sky is the limit.
They finally found the sky is the limit," says Eric Kaufman, a principal of the investment banking firm Kaufman Holzer & Herman.
By keeping our fees low we allow more individuals the ability to purchase and create residual income for OrbitDrop," stated Marisa Wolfcale, CEO, "With the new products, marketing, selling tools and an expanded sales kit, the sky is the limit.
Also, my company, Empresas Bern, has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and has been involved in a variety of developments in Panama, and when two companies like that are working together on a project, the sky is the limit.
Jean Bennett, executive director/advisor of Powerhouse Productions, said, "I am truly delighted about being with ValCom where the sky is the limit.
The sky is the limit for the future of this incredible product line.
With the quality and depth of resources at our disposal, the sky is the limit with regards to our ability to continue to exceed expectations in delivery to a broader client base.