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HARD TO SWALL D SW OW Many interns are glorified skivvies
With the help of their skivvies the Liberal Democrats they will probably win the vote on hospital closures.
The 21-year-old model poses in a peel-back acetate cover, the top layer of which features her in a Nicola Formichetti for Diesel denim bodysuit, which can be peeled to reveal a cover shot of Upton in her skivvies.
The skivvies come with ice packs that cools the scrotum or provides "ball air conditioning.
Since this flunkey acts in her name, the Queen will know all too well she's paying her skivvies almost half the national average wage.
Meantime, the likes of us would be the skivvies toiling in the kitchen, washing our employers' dirty linen, and answering their bells every time they rang them.
C'mon, you wearers of tighty-whitey jockey shorts--haven't you always wanted cotton and spandex gloves that look just like miniatures of your skivvies, but with five "leg holes" for your fingers?
Whoever he is, he can impress his sweetie this Valentine's Day with a bear that reminds her of him -- in his skivvies.
So nurses feel frustrated, insulted and treated like irrelevant skivvies.
Toss in no unmissed opportunity to strip the strapping young men down to their skivvies - and the general use of sexual humiliation as a teaching tool - and you'll understand why much of ``Before the Fall's'' meager promotional effort is targeted at the gay audience.
Work experience has to be relevant to the age and experience of the pupil but it is high time that employers of small firms in particular moved away from the mindset that these youngsters are there to be skivvies for the week.
These cavemen reduced their soul-mates to mere skivvies.
Three men in skivvies suggested living statuary in the semi-darkness, as the company's founder, Kinya "Zulu" Tsuruyama, metamorphosed from priestly figure into a faceless monster in brown chenille, menacing the trio by redefining the stage space with an endless rope.
The programme makers also reveal evidence that slavery thrives in Washington and London with women used as unpaid skivvies, abused by their 'employers'.
How about an open letter highlighting the plight of young women being pimped as JobBridge internees training to highly-skilled skivvies for a lousy [euro]50 a week?