skirt around

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skirt around someone or something

Fig. to move around and avoid someone or something. (something can be a topic of conversation.) We talked the whole evening and managed to skirt around Fred. We had to skirt around the subject.
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After a police search, Cornwell, of Wolfe Close, Barry, was found 30 minutes later cowering in a hedge with his skirt around his chest and his tights ripped to shreds.
We are not going to skirt around whatever the opposition are going to throw at us.
It will then skirt around the Roman temple of Olympian Zeus and on to Dionissiou Areopagitou Street, the wide path along the south of the Acropolis.
7 billion gas pipeline that will skirt around Belarus and Ukraine in an apparent effort to win Russia more leverage in its dealings with its two unpredictable neighbors.
The world wants to skirt around it, but they will find out sooner or later that there is a spiritual battle going on beyond what we can see: evil versus God, and it comes right down into our lives every day.
Shigetoshi Saito, a police sergeant on the Kanagawa prefectural police force, is suspected of looking up the 24-year-old woman's skirt around 1:45 p.
Zia-ul-Haq also decided to skirt around the constitutional provision by holding a referendum for his election.
No one can really skirt around them, and they all announced that they'd be taking downtime.
A ruddy, waist-high heap of apples, pears, plums, grapes, and figs forms a sort of hoop skirt around her.
But in carrots, heating destroys the carbohydrate pectin that glues the cells together, so cracks skirt around cells of the cooked vegetable, Lillford says.
Because neither Ameritech nor US West has met the requirements of Section 271, the FCC had no choice but to halt their efforts to skirt around the Telecom Act," said O'Connell.
Monty'' will explore the troubled actor's struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and, says Easton, the film won't skirt around the issue of Clift's reported bisexuality.
I stood some distance from the car and felt the dry air whipping my skirt around my legs.