skirt around

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skirt around (someone or something)

1. To lie around the edge of something. The small creek skirting around the edge of our property has always been a source of fascination to our kids. The proposed highway will skirt around the city to ease the pressure of rush-hour commuters.
2. To move around someone or something so as to avoid or evade them or it. The pilots changed course in order to skirt around the storm. I skirted around the security guard when his back was turned and made my way into the building.
3. To avoid or evade some issue or topic, as by circumlocution. He always skirts around the issue whenever I bring up pay raises for the people on my team. When asked about his role in the scandal, the CEO skirted around the issue with a longwinded non sequitur about his loyalty to his company and its customers.
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skirt around someone or something

Fig. to move around and avoid someone or something. (something can be a topic of conversation.) We talked the whole evening and managed to skirt around Fred. We had to skirt around the subject.
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No one can really skirt around them, and they all announced that they'd be taking downtime.
A ruddy, waist-high heap of apples, pears, plums, grapes, and figs forms a sort of hoop skirt around her.
But in carrots, heating destroys the carbohydrate pectin that glues the cells together, so cracks skirt around cells of the cooked vegetable, Lillford says.
I stood some distance from the car and felt the dry air whipping my skirt around my legs.
Leaving Las Vegas doesn't hedge or skirt around the harsh truths of life on America's bottom rung.
27 FASHION NOTES Denim delights and stripey sensations 28 FASHION We don't skirt around the issue we show you how to wear all shapes 31 BEAUTY NOTES Gorgeous red lips and great ways to tame the hair frizz 32 BEAUTY What do you want your foundation to do for you?
WHO can skirt around more number fours and fives than Lionel Messi?
After crossing the bridge over Nant Sere, take the second small lane, bear right on the footpath across fields to skirt around to the right of Plas-y-gaer farm.
One motor inflates the skirt around the vehicle to make it hover, while the second drives it forwards and controls its direction.
A lot of doctors are also starting to skirt around the rules and not insist on months of lifestyle change and pharmaceutical treatment -instead they are going straight for surgery.
Yet as the authorities skirt around the North East's place within these plans, their language echoes the very case that the region's boosters make.