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hop, skip, and (a) jump

1. A short distance away from a certain location. My apartment's location is so convenient. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train station and the grocery store.
2. Very similar (to something else). I thought you could handle this project because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from the one you're working on now.
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skip (out)

Inf. to leave; to run away without doing something, such as paying a bill. The guy skipped when the waitress wasn't looking. Fred skipped out, leaving me with the bill.


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The researchers correlated lifestyle practices, including skipping breakfast, and health outcomes for a period of about 16 years.
The education department is planning to introduce a toll free number for the public to inform the authorities if they find students skipping classes.
If you don''t feel like joining a skipping team, you could always just skip with some friends to different songs or rhymes.
5 Once you've got your rope, skipping costs nothing.
BENEFITS: Continuous skipping will give you a high intensity workout, and it's great for the muscles of the upper and lower body.
Chris Corcoran, of Skipping School Ltd, said: "The enthusiastic response from children of all ages towards the skipping is a measure of its simple use of energy and enjoyment.
Deputy head Jo Corrigan, who organised the effort with the school's PE co-ordinator, Cathy Cordiner, said: "The pupils have been skipping and the staff have been having a go as well.
and other industrialized countries, kids who are poorly nourished are more likely to experience severe effects of skipping breakfast," says Pollitt.
Now, cardiologist Renata Cifkova reports data indicating that skipping breakfast may dramatically enhance the early-morning stickiness of platelets.
TRA 86 instituted a Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (GST Tax) upon transfers to or for the benefit of persons two or more generations below that of the grantor (referred to as skip persons).
Nasdaq: AVII) today announced the initiation of a clinical program for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) using its ESPRIT (Exon Skipping Pre-RNA Interference Technology) exon-skipping technology.
So before skipping it, try websites like eBay or Gumtree to sell it, or freecycle to give it away.
If you're tired of the treadmill and bored with the gym grab yourself a rope and get skipping.
Twelve lucky pupils at Pentland Primary School were chosen to take part in a special day-long skipping workshop.