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The unlikely combination of the musical Oliver, a bunch of spritely over-50s and lots of skipping ropes helped the members of the North-east Keep Fit Association skip off with the category title in the national Keep Fit Association's National Championship at Blackpool's Winter Gardens last weekend.
Centre back Toure slammed Arsenal's third in stoppage time and within five minutes of the restart, Henry delightfully steered the ball past Hislop via a unfortunate skip off the pitch for 4-0 and Ljungberg poached the fifth eight minutes later.
Meanwhile, Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) has plans to scam a grant cheque that would allow him and lunch lady Ms Heller (Cheri Oteri) to skip off to a condo in Hawaii.
While police were fully armed, they used only nonlethal weapons to deal with unruly crowds, primarily the rubber pellets that are supposed to skip off the ground, but which demonstrators said hit several people in the torso.
James had to skip off 2ozs after weighing in just over the 9st 4lbs limit, He said: "He's bigger than me, but most of my opponents are bigger than me.
A whole generation of children will never know the pleasure of swimming in the outdoor pool (or toddlers splashing about in the paddling pool) and as a child growing up in Gabalfa in the 1960s and '70s, I can well remember sitting in a baking hot classroom on a summer's afternoon and gazing out of the window, longing for the last bell so that we could race home, grab our bathers and towel and skip off to Llandaff baths.
But the thought of seven-year-olds carrying knives is so chilling for those of us who expect to see children of that age skip off to school with a teddy in their back pack.
The topspin-laden ball took a high skip off the rain-soaked pitch past the outstretched hand of Tigers goalkeeper Matt Jordan and nestled at the back of the net.
The veteran infielder reached for the ball - and had it skip off the thumb of his glove and dribble into shallow right field.
Around 34 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds intend to skip off work in January and 13 per cent of older workers will do the same.
Oh you know a lot of people who skip off and leave their kids to deal with their problems?
Why not work when you have to, sometimes for minutes without stopping, and then skip off to anywhere where you can remove your shoes, expose your knees to the breeze and just get people-watching?
Thousands of supporters are expected to skip off work early to keep their appointment in front of the box.
Because players can now skip off for nothing as soon as their contracts end, United have had to tie up all their youngsters on lucrative, long- term deals.