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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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to swim naked. The boys were skinny-dipping in the creek when Bob's mother drove up.

(hot) skinny

n. inside information. I’ve got the hot skinny on Mary and her boyfriend.
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References in classic literature ?
And thou, thou with the dark skin and the proud bearing," and she pointed her skinny finger at Umbopa, "who art /thou/, and what seekest
Then the bolts went back slowly, and the door opened, and there was the old Madman standing, looking precious scared--his jacket off, his shirt-sleeves up to his elbows, and his long skinny arms all covered with anchors and arrows and letters, tattooed in with gunpowder like a sailor-boy's, and a stink fit to knock you down coming out.
He was narrow-chested and skinny, and his hands were always cold and fishy.
When he rose painfully the thrusting forward of a skinny groping hand deformed by gouty swellings suggested the effort of a moribund murderer summoning all his remaining strength for a last stab.
The old terrorist turned slowly his head on his skinny neck from side to side.
It is cold, Nancy dear,' said the Jew, as he warmed his skinny hands over the fire.
Flared |jeans PS13, Evans | Skinny Richmond jeans PS79, Jigsaw New Look |tall skinny jeans with busted knee PS24.
Flared |jeans PS13, Evans Skinny |biker jeans with zips PS29.
Featuring a featherweight profile with heavy-hitter protection, the Skinny Sleeve for MacBook 12 interior is built with a screen guard that will protect your device from scratches.
The Skinny mirror offers a subtle slimming reflection (5-10 lbs) that works on the psyche over time.
Whenever an advert in one of Bahrain's many lifestyle magazines features skinny models, it provokes vitriolic attacks from plus-size women who think it's open season to insult slim women as unsexy.
He then invested $25,000 to open the restaurant Skinny J's in Cash (Craighead County), where the menu items included steaks and seafood.
The Den saw a remarkable Dragon slaying showdown as two Australian 'mumtrepreneurs' caught the attention of the nation with Skinny Tan, their revolutionary tan-and-tone beauty breakthrough product.