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More recent research reveals an increasing number of women (Borgeson, 2003) and gays (Borgeson & Valeri, 2005; Healy, 1996) within the skinhead movement.
It's been a really interesting journey from the little skinhead I was to the photographer I am now.
In his book, "Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead," Christian Picciolini, now a music industry veteran and peace advocate, faces his past with brutal honesty in the hope that by exposing his own crimes, others may live in peace.
Gavin's photos are relevant to me because they represent the demonised youth of the past, just like my generation of young people are demonised in the media to all be hoodie-wearing thugs and chavs so were the skinheads in the 80s.
Then, 15 years ago, music led him out of the skinhead movement.
Seven members of the Inland Empire Skinheads, including the leader, were arrested during the two-county sweep that took a team of 20 deputies to Hesperia, Perris and Winchester.
Brazil's Foreign Ministry and Brazilian media reported three skinheads, one with a Nazi symbol tattooed on his forehead, attacked the woman outside a local train station in Zurich while she was heading home.
Now I don't know about you, but if I suddenly found myself surrounded by group of chairleg-wielding skinheads wanting to separate me from my teeth then there's only one thing I'd be able to smell and, believe me, you wouldn't want to put that in a bottle.
BANNED Spoof: Chapman as Brian; BANNED Devil of movie: Reed; BANNED Massacre: Chainsaw flick; BANNED Row: Skinhead Crowe
His boyfriend, Johnny never had any hair but I think he only shaved his because he was going bald and he didn't want anyone to know, so he was pretending to be a skinhead so that people didn't think he was an old man.
Austin: We were going to shows in Denver 'cause my brother's band was playing and there were a bunch of skinheads at the show.
DETECTIVES are hunting a skinhead who attacked a 16 year-old girl near a Midland college.
Emerging from the skinhead youth subculture in Britain at the end of the 1970s, and spreading to the continent and across the Atlantic in the following decade, it has served as accompaniment to a rising tide of racist and anti-immigrant violence in Germany, and become a focus of recruiting for the radical right world-wide.
An off-duty policeman fought off a hammer wielding skinhead and his accomplice as he caught the pair trying to burgle his neighbour's house.
In this case the job is finding the black man who is shooting skinhead bigots.