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23 skidoo

To clear out or get away in haste before getting into or causing trouble, referring either to oneself or to another. "23" may refer to the Flatirons Building in New York City (located on 23rd Street), around which great winds tend to blow. It may also derive from an older use meaning to tell someone to clear out of one's way. Primarily heard in US. It looks like there's trouble brewing here. I'd better 23 skidoo! Quit loitering around here. 23 skidoo!
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23 Skidoo Street

A fictitious location referring to a place away from possible or looming trouble, taken from the phrase "23 skidoo." Primarily heard in US. Those guys ahead look rough, let's head over to 23 Skidoo Street.
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Feeling a little emotional, we climbed back on to our skidoos to return to civilisation.
Furnish and Deliver Two (2) Skidoo Tundra Sport 2014 or newer- Name Brand Only
52 SKIDOO Friday July 8, Lord Clifden, Hockley, Birmingham, 0121 523 7515 * THEY'RE the Harlem swing band who turn back the clock to play a dazzling repertoire of vintage American music.
pc For a special night in the mountains, 12-suite luxury Wedelhutte hotel, ened in late 2009, is located at the hest point of the Hochzillertal ski area d only accessible by skis or skidoo in eh d winter.
Ever since hearing their early studies in collaboration with groups such as Death in June, 23 Skidoo, Nurse with Wound, and Psychic TV, I have been excited to see what this band will do next.
I am told that you can get from Cambridge Bay to Yellowknife on skidoo once the ice is in, but it's a two-week trip.
Based on the novel Babylon's Babies by Maurice G Dantec, it has some decent action sequences including a high-speed Skidoo chase and a brawl in a crowded club.
It's probably the coolest idea the Dodgers have ever come up with -- this '58 skidoo, retro blast from the past, converting the crumbling Coliseum into a Denny's Diner deluxe, complete with an actual-sized baseball diamond, allowing fans who never got to see a ballgame played in the skewed facility feel nostalgic for what it might have been like a half century ago .
Just one look at the terminal building, built in 1999, tells you that this is no everyday facility--how many airports have you visited where there is a skidoo (motorised toboggan) park alongside the car park?
It was a hot summer day (in Suffield) and when the men were given a break time one of them went to sit on the seat of a skidoo.
He's brilliant and takes plenty of catching when he comes out like that," said De'ath, who has been an owner with Payne since 1985 and enjoyed a tremendous year with local bitch of the year Skidaddle Skidoo in 1987.
Two days from now I will get on my skidoo and hunt with the pros.
Here we have Psycho and Skidoo, Monsieur Verdoux and Pepe Le Pew.
Dressed in long johns, T-shirts, sweats, pants, skidoo suit and a borrowed parka -- at least four layers more than I would have needed down south -- we headed out to visit an igloo village.
And unlike a lot of mining areas in Death Valley, Skidoo even made money.