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thumbnail sketch

1. A small picture that presents a smaller version of a larger image or proposed image. Before fully redesigning the layout of the office, the interior designer provided me with a thumbnail sketch of his initial plans.
2. A short description or preview. Class, each of you will need to submit a thumbnail sketch of your essay topic for my approval.
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sketch something in

to draw in the image of someone or something. I sketched a figure of a woman in so that she appears to be standing beneath the tree. I'll sketch in the house in the upper left corner.
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sketch something out

to create a rough idea or image of something by sketching or some other means. (Does not necessarily require an actual sketch.) Sally sketched the furniture arrangement out so we could get an idea of what it was to look like. Would you sketch out your ideas, please?
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a thumbnail sketch

a brief or small picture or description. The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of her plans. The student wrote a thumbnail sketch of his project.
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thumbnail sketch

A brief outline or cursory description, as in Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of the situation. This idiom alludes to drawing a picture no larger than a thumbnail. [Mid-1800s]
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sketch in

1. To add a hasty or undetailed drawing or painting of something to a larger work: The artist sketched in the leaves before painting. We finished sketching the margins in.
2. To give a general account or presentation of some aspect of a larger idea: The staff sketched in the details of the proposal. We sat down and sketched the fine points in.
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sketch out

1. To make a hasty or undetailed drawing or painting of something, often as a preliminary study: The architect sketched out a couple of ideas on a napkin. I sketched the figure out with pencil before I started painting.
2. To give a brief general account or presentation of something; outline something: The president sketched out her plan for the following year. Before I started writing my paper, I sat down and sketched my ideas out.
3. Slang To cause someone to experience an odd, unusual, and sometimes uneasy sensation: Their strange customs sketched out the visitors. His creepy smile sketched us out.
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thumbnail sketch

n. a quick and concise description. (One that could be written on someone’s thumbnail.) Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of what happened.
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Figure 4 describes Sketcher showing Petri Net designed to control traffic lights.
And DaVinci's sketcher, based off Utilant's RapidSketch source code, is the most powerful yet simple in the industry.
We have all the coyotes, the raccoons, the birds and the squirrels - and Sketcher.
The new sketcher palette in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.
National football coach Craig Brown jumped at the chance to tell veteran sketcher Malky McCormick: "I'm not fat".
The first set of IX SPeeD V5 products to be introduced includes ImpactXoft's IX Design V5, -- a complete 3D design tool focused on functional modeling and providing capability for surface and wireframe, assembly design, sketcher, drafting, and translators -- as well as add-on modules for specialized design and analysis tasks.
New Sketcher Interface to Define/Modify the Geometry
The property is anchored by Sams Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Marshalls, and includes prominent national retailers such as Dressbarn, Jared, Kirklands, and Sketchers, among others.
30pm, the Herbert in Coventry is holding a day of sketching around the city centre, organised by some local urban sketchers.
Other significant transactions include Sketchers which is launching two new stores in Belfast and Craigavon with further opening planned for 2016.
Just out of curiosity, I tried to find out about them only to learn that they were part of the worldwide non-profit organization 'Urban Sketchers' that brings sketchers together.
Stocks of leading international brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Nike, Killer, Louis Philippe, Arrow, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, Cortigiani, Eten, Sunnex, Debacker's, Franco Copucci Italy, Crocs, Sketchers, Hush Puppies, Liberty, Joseph Seibel, Woodland, Reebok, Dickies, Rider, Converse All Star and Fitflop are on display.
We want to see painters, street artists, sculptors, photographers, sketchers - no style, genre or medium is off limits.
She is becoming wellknown in the US and is also the face of Sketchers shoes.
I consider it gathering information because sometimes it does turn into a painting,” said Duluth Sketchers creator Sue Adams.