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Refinery operators plan to keep the plants functioning with skeleton crews consisting of management staff.
LIZZY YARNOLD roared to gold with a Valentine's Day massacre of the world's leading skeleton crews.
We know that teaching was cancelled at Hope, it was cancelled at LJMU and here at the University of Liverpool the buildings look like ghost ships staffed by skeleton crews.
Some schools have closed and some hospitals are operating with skeleton crews.
Critical services like hospitals and public transport are working with skeleton crews on duty.
As such, we have been running skeleton crews with a maximum of six personnel on site across two shifts," Mr Bond said.
Many manufacturers are stuck with skeleton crews and must 'make do' with remaining personnel.
Byrne said the programs would have been left with skeleton crews and served fewer youths, but the cuts would have at least allowed CITY to stay open through October and maybe longer.
A mandatory evacuation order and curfew remained in effect across the city, while hospitals worked with skeleton crews and back-up power, although officials said the city's airport would re-open later on Tuesday evening.
The Good Fabric: Of Night Shifts and Skeleton Crews.
With skeleton crews, our committees have worked long hours relentlessly moving toward our goals.
The pace quickens in most workplaces - no longer will vacation schedules leave skeleton crews to answer the phones and keep the doors open.
Union officials representing Jobcentre and Benefits Agency workers said people receiving benefits and jobs advice faced delays in the region as skeleton crews manned offices.
But their skeleton crews left three-quarters of the rubbish uncollected.
While the African-American inmates, their family members and some civil rights leaders oppose reintegration, Dahlman said segregation has kept inmates from returning to their normal working routines, with skeleton crews being used at the jail's kitchen and laundry facilities.