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and scag (skæg)
1. n. a rotten thing or person. Don’t be such a skag. Who do you think you are?
2. n. a very ugly woman. (Collegiate.) What a skag! I wouldn’t be seen with her.
3. n. a tobacco cigarette; a tobacco cigarette butt. (Military.) Can I bum a scag off you?
4. in. to smoke (a tobacco cigarette). He stopped scagging for about a week.
5. n. heroin, especially poor-quality heroin; any powerful drug. (Drugs.) Scag has sent a lot of my friends to the bone orchard.
6. n. hard liquor. The two of them put away a quart of my finest skag.

skag jones

and scag jones
n. an addiction to heroin. (Drugs. Here jones is a “thing” = craving.) She has a serious skag jones.
See also: jones, skag

skagged out

mod. drug intoxicated; very high. (see also skag.) Bart was rocking back and forth on the top step—skagged out, as usual. He got to the point where being skagged out was more important than eating.
See also: out, skag
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Gerard plays the older version of Skag Trendy in the second video and he is a bit down on his luck in the film.
A tragedy involving a local waitress and an emergency crisis at her mom's company bring Naomi back to reality, along with texts and conversations with the ever-grounded Skags.
Officers also found skags - pills containing a heroin and ecstasy.