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all sizzle and no steak

Disappointing or anticlimactic. Having an exciting, promising, important, or aggrandizing buildup that proves to be unwarranted. Everyone is in a panic over the supposed water shortages, but personally I think the whole thing is all sizzle and no steak. The film had a lot of hype before its release, but after seeing it, I think it's all sizzle and no steak.
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sizzle a wild card word for words beginning with

S , such as suck, smoke, sister. (Streets. Also for other words with initial S.) Come on, sizzle, time to go.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also fried.) I’d like to go out tonight and get sizzled—maybe that would help me forget Tiffany. Harold got himself sizzled and couldn’t drive to the dance.
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COUNTING down with us to get the best bikini body for a sizzlingly sexy summer?
But inside can be sizzlingly, sexily hot --if you know the right foods to munch
THE sizzlingly sexy Louise Kavanagh and hottie Hazel O'Sullivan sent temperatures through the roof at the weekend.
It's sweet and tender, sizzlingly sexy and superbly witty - dispelling any doubts whether the latest series is better than last time around.
My salt and pepper squid was so super-fresh from the kitchen that the sizzlingly hot goujons had to be blown cool before anyone could enjoy them.
At which point, and following a sizzlingly steamy lesbian sex scene that makes the 15 certificate seem extremely generous, just as you think you've got it relatively sussed Lynch doesn't so much as pull the rug from under your feet as demolish the entire floor, turning the film's tone on its head and switching names, identities, personalities and situations in a manner that makes Lost Highway seem an object lesson in logic.
Think Mata Hari when you turn in for bed and go for something sizzlingly new and glamorous.
Dark, daring and sizzlingly sexy, dairy has never been so erotic.
There are some stand out sets including a surreal Shopping for clothes where six foot suits come to life, an eye-popping exhibition of "The Shimmy" from the statues que Hannah Waddingham and a sizzlingly triumphant I'm A Woman (W.
Her appearance in Frida was a far cry from her sizzlingly sexy performances in From Dusk Til Dawn and Desperado.
But if you really can't face the idea of slipping into a lime green jacket with turquoise pants and fuchsia pink top, you can always just jazz up your current wardrobe with some sizzlingly bright accessories such as handbags and shoes.
The Big Swap (18) From Birmingham writer-director Niall Johnson, a sizzlingly erotic, compellingly intense rollercoaster ride through the psychological and emotional falut when a group of friends decide to give wife-swapping a go.