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touchscreen; controller recognizes barrel size and calibrates controls screens.
In quantitative research, sample size and sampling considerations usually are made with the goal of making statistical generalizations, which involve generalizing findings and inferences from a representative statistical sample to the population from which the sample was drawn.
We believe very strongly that the right thing to do is not only have class-size reduction in kindergarten through third grade, but have class sizes under 30 in grades four to eight.
Demonstrating another lifestyle, chimps exhibit virtually no size differences between sexes, but males retain large, fanglike canines, Lovejoy notes.
We searched the dominating frequency of ligaments forming from the spray centerline at the sheet break-up point to calculate the size of ligaments.
Contrasts and effect sizes in behavioral research: A correlational approach.
Then when you know material density, and that gives you an idea of the size of bucket that you need," he says.
Significant reductions in litter size are distributed across all the dose groups, with the fall data following a normal monotonic decrease in litter size (Figure 1).
In aluminum foundries, all three pore sizes can be used depending on quality requirements, metal cleanliness of each aluminum foundry, and the type of castings produced.
Your BFF struts her slim stuff and, meanwhile, you're certain your butt is the size of Montana?
This combination of effect sizes then yields an overall effect size for the entire group of studies that was located.
One was by area ratio reduction for all the sizes, the other was to reduce the dimensions or look at the fire exposure and air flow components.
The Challenger bus comes in sizes ranging from 20[feet] to 28[feet] and can accommodate 20 to 29 passsengers.
The SmartTrack solution leverages Capgemini's proven track record in the utilities industry where it has delivered substantial and sustainable results for companies of all sizes, including, for example, one customer that reduced its operating costs by 30 percent, achieved a 99 percent same-day-payment posting and improved its call center average-speed-to-answer times by 73 percent.