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School board member Jose Huizar, who voted against increasing class sizes earlier this year, said the latest enrollment data should convince the board to reverse its action.
A model in which the comet was originally a single body of uniform density can't generally account for the similar sizes and sheer number of the fragments, the team concludes.
Standard features: Benchtop model requires only air supply and 115 v current for use and has interchangeable heating cylinder sizes and various shot capacities.
sample size issue) this should yield thick rich data that reach saturation point.
Along with smaller class sizes, the district will try a ``looping model,'' in which second-grade teachers will follow their students and teach them in third grade.
They then determined the size of various other parts of Lucy's arm and leg bones relative to femur-head width.
3) Seek statistical consultation if you have questions or concerns about how to compute effect size or determine what effect size indicators may be appropriate for your research design and analysis.
The development of the dislocation distribution and grain size was assessed using x-ray diffraction measurements on specimens that were annealed at different temperatures.
Application constraints include dump height and the size of the recycling yard or the material recovery facility (MRF).
The finer pore size filters are more effective in removing fine slag inclusions that can be responsible for leaker defects in pressure tight castings.
Strolling the mall can be great, but unspoken discomforts about size can linger longer than fried rice from the food court.
Each study was reviewed to ensure that it was scientifically sound and that it provided a measurement of the change in a camper's self-constructs; this change is called the effect size.
To establish a small scale test that readily duplicates that of the full size requires the investigation of the unique properties of the test requirements of the full size test.
During this period, 840 companies--ranging in size from $250,000 to $193 billion in total assets (median size: $579 million)--disclosed the cumulative effect of changes in principle on their income statements.