sit down to

sit down to something

to sit down at a table to do something, such as eat a meal or attend to some business. I look forward to going home and sitting down to a quiet supper. Ted looked forward to sitting down to a big Thanksgiving dinner.
See also: down, sit
References in classic literature ?
But Dorothy did not know this, nor could she get away from the bright red flowers that were everywhere about; so presently her eyes grew heavy and she felt she must sit down to rest and to sleep.
A vast number of polite speeches were exchanged, and at length, taking Don Quixote between them, they proceeded to sit down to table.
Well then, it so happened," said Sancho, "that as the pair of them were going to sit down to table -and I think I can see them now plainer than ever-"
So, as I was saying," continued Sancho, "as the pair of them were going to sit down to table, as I said, the labourer insisted upon the gentleman's taking the head of the table, and the gentleman insisted upon the labourer's taking it, as his orders should be obeyed in his house; but the labourer, who plumed himself on his politeness and good breeding, would not on any account, until the gentleman, out of patience, putting his hands on his shoulders, compelled him by force to sit down, saying, 'Sit down, you stupid lout, for wherever I sit will he the head to you; and that's the story, and, troth, I think it hasn't been brought in amiss here.
NEWCASTLE chairman Chris Mort has told manager Kevin Keegan they will sit down to discuss cash once Premier League safety is assured.
And you wouldn't have to sit down to talk to them, Arthur.
By the end of a day, even determined readers have little energy left to sit down to read.
When you sit down to write anything about your camp, think about the power of the stop sign.
If the whole thing sounds a bit like all the players sit down to carve up the pie, that's true.
Updates to the Federal Rules now shorten the time frame from the time a suit is filed to the Meet & Confer session where opposing sides sit down to discuss materials, processes and schedules for discovery.
Today, she will sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner at Gereja Bethel, pondering a great American turkey.
Dinner hour, and I sit down to the table with my wife and three small children, ready to talk turkey.
1) El Trocadero owner Raul Bojorquez and his daughter, Ivana Carrillo, sit down to one of the restaurant's generous meals.