sit at the feet of

sit at the feet of someone

Fig. to pay homage to someone; to pay worshipful attention to someone. The graduate student sat at the feet of the famous professor for years. I do not intend to sit at the feet of an incompetent for years and years.
See also: feet, of, sit
References in classic literature ?
He returned to sit at the feet of Revere, his "skipper," that is to say, the Captain of his Company, and to be instructed in the dark art and mystery of managing men, which is a very large part of the Profession of Arms.
How many masters he's sat at the feet of, though when I said that to him he just laughed and said he'd never sit at the feet of anyone.
But his supporters made a compelling argument on behalf of his solid acting in ``The King of Comedy,'' the video-assist device he pioneered in 1960 for instant playback on the set, and his devotion to the craft of movie comedy that compelled him to travel to Switzerland to sit at the feet of Charlie Chaplin.
Publishers journeyed to meetings of the Direct Marketing Association and Folio: to sit at the feet of industry legends like Dick Benson and Bill Jayme.
That's the series in which 16 or so candidates will vie for a chance to sit at the feet of famed tycoon Donald Trump and learn all about the cutthroat world of big business.