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No siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely no! (Not necessarily said to a male, and rarely to any Bob.) Bill: Do you want to sell this old rocking chair? Jane: No siree, Bob! Bill: You don't want sweet potatoes, do you? Fred: No siree!

Yes siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely!; Without a doubt! (Not necessarily said to a male and not necessarily to Bob.) Mary: Do you want some more cake? Tom: Yes siree, Bob! "That was a fine turkey dinner. Yes siree!" said Uncle Henry.
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The prosecution allege Siree, 22 of Vale Road, Rhyl and 42-year-old Bland of Bryn Avenue, Rhyl, punched, kicked and stamped the 38-year-old Hungarian national to death after attacking him first near Dyserth Hall Mews and then again near the takeaway where Mr Sarkozi worked as a delivery driver.
In his police interview, Siree told detectives he shouted: "Are you all right mate?
Both Siree, of Vale Road Rhyl, and Bland, of Bryn Avenue, Rhyl deny they punched, kicked and stamped Mr Sarkozi to death.
Siree, 22 of Vale Road, Rhyl and his uncle, Gary Bland of Bryn Avenue, Rhyl, both deny murdering the 38-year-old father-of-one on October 18 last year.
Fife maybe a million miles from Cardiff but it ain't got what we've got, no siree.
Gary Bland, 42, and his nephew James Siree, 22, both from Rhyl, deny murdering the 38-year-old Hungarian national.
James Siree, 22, and Gary Bland, 42, are accused of killing takeaway driver Gabor Sarkozi in Meliden last October.
And, um, He Certainly Doesn't Prefer Living in London, No Siree, Bob, Not At All.
James Siree, 22, from Rhyl and his uncle Gary Bland, 42, both deny they punched, kicked and stamped Hungarian national, Gabor Peter Sarkozi to death just yards from his workplace.
They are Gary Bland, 41, of Bryn Avenue, Rhyl, and James Siree, 21, of Vale Road, Rhyl.
Gary Bland, 41 of Bryn Avenue, Rhyl, and 21-year-old James Pelissier Siree, from Vale Road, Rhyl, are accused of murdering Gabor Peter Sarkozi outside the Happy Garden Chinese in Meliden, near Prestatyn.
Yes siree, a display of the finest killing implements, available at your convenience for three days in June.
North Wales Police have charged Gary Bland, 41, and James Siree, 21, both from Rhyl, with the murder of Mr Sarkozi.