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aye aye, sir

An affirmation that a request or order has been understood and will be carried out directly. Originates from the Royal and U.S. Navy, where it is an official reply to a command issued by a superior officer. A: "Will you grab a drink for me when you're heading to the bar?" B: "Aye aye, sir!"
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praise from Sir Hubert

The most prestigious compliment one can receive. Derived from a line in the 1797 Thomas Morton play A Cure for the Heartache. The CEO actually commended you for your work on the project? Wow, that's praise from Sir Hubert indeed!
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sup with Sir Thomas Gresham

To go without food. Sir Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange in London, which the poor often visited. A: "Why are you so hungry? Didn't you eat dinner?" B: "No, I got stuck in a meeting, so I supped with Sir Thomas Gresham."
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no sir

Also, no sirree. Certainly not. This emphatic denial is used without regard to the gender of the person addressed. For example, No sir, I'm not taking her up on that, or Live here? No sirree. [Mid-1800s]
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all Sir Garnet

highly satisfactory. informal, dated
Sir Garnet Wolseley ( 1833–1913 ), leader of several successful military expeditions, was associated with major reforms in the army. He was the model for the ‘modern Major-General’ in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.
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ˌno ˈsir!


ˌno sirˈree!

(spoken, especially American English) certainly not: We will never allow that to happen! No sir!

ˌyes ˈsir!


ˌyes sirˈree!

(spoken, especially American English) used to emphasize that something is true: That’s a fine car you have. Yes sirree!
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References in classic literature ?
And then they all three cried, Sir Knight, we yield us unto you as man of might matchless.
My stay in England really depends on you, Sir Robert.
I have already counted on you, sir, when I ventured to make such a suggestion.
In a well- regulated body politic this natural desire on the part of a spirited young gentleman so highly connected would be speedily recognized, but somehow William Buffy found when he came in that these were not times in which he could manage that little matter either, and this was the second indication Sir Leicester Dedlock had conveyed to him that the country was going to pieces.
Ay, true," said the man of law in a dry, husky voice, "his land is surely forfeit if he cometh not to pay; but, Sir Prior, thou must get a release beneath his sign manual, or else thou canst not hope to hold the land without trouble from him.
Very good of you, Sir Edward," he said, "to put yourself out at this time of night to have a word or two with me.
Sir Alfred has a guest at eight o'clock, sir," the man replied.
I tell you, sir, that my ship is over light and over frail for such work, and it will but end in our having our throats cut, or being sold as slaves to the Barbary heathen.
And as soon as Sir Kay saw the sword he wist well it was the sword of the stone, and he rode to his father Sir Ector and said:
Have you noticed, Sir Patrick, that these half-bred sort of people are almost invariably rude when they are ill?
Every wholesome luxury, sir, that Yorkshire can afford,' continued Squeers; 'every beautiful moral that Mrs Squeers can instil; every-- in short, every comfort of a home that a boy could wish for, will be theirs, Mr Snawley.
Sitting opposite the window, he rose when Sir Joseph spoke, and placed himself at the other side of the table, with his back to the light.
I was forced to come outside; for Sir Pitt is a proprietor of the coach, and as a passenger came at Mudbury, who wanted an inside place, I was obliged to go outside in the rain, where, however, a young gentleman from Cambridge College sheltered me very kindly in one of his several great coats.
In the spring, sir, - with you, begging your pardon.
Clements was to make some approach at least to the discovery of Sir Percival's secret, and she had said nothing as yet which advanced me on my way to that important end.