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siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. (Here, "python" is a euphemism for the penis.) Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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siphon something off

 (from something)
1. Lit. to suck or draw a liquid off from something. Harry siphoned the cream off the milk. He siphoned off the cream.
2. Fig. to embezzle or steal something a little at a time. The teller had been siphoning money off for years. she siphoned off a few dollars from the collection every week or so.
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siphon off something

also siphon something off
to take something that was intended for someone or something else The dictator and his close friends siphoned off up to 20 percent of the annual budget. The donated food was mostly siphoned off and sold, while the needy got almost nothing.
Usage notes: sometimes used without off: A third-party candidate siphoned southern support. She siphoned more than $15,000 from a patient's trust fund.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of siphon (a tube used to move liquid from one container to another)
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siphon off

1. To draw off or convey something through or as if through a siphon: I used a tube to siphon off the excess water in the fish tank. The lawn mower ran out of gas, so we siphoned some off from the car's gas tank.
2. To appropriate some money illegally or dishonestly: The managers were siphoning off money from the foundation and putting it into secret accounts. The dictator siphoned millions of dollars off and hid the money in private bank accounts.
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Finance Wales' investment provides us with the capital to continue the rapid expansion of Siphon and achieve a further step-change in our growth.
The problem becomes exponentially compounded for those living farthest away, as the amount of water being pumped through the main pipelines inevitably decreases after each house that the water passes through, due to the high number of residents who siphon off more than their supposed share.
He argued that the world record in horizontal oil drilling is 10 kilometers and this clearly shows that Israel, which possesses advanced technology, can easily siphon off Lebanon's oil and gas fields, which are within reach.
The geoduck mantle was separated from the siphon, and each muscle was split longitudinally into 2 equal portions that served as treatment replicates (fresh vs.
The siphons are made from reinforced concrete pipe that is typically used in storm sewers and other low pressure applications.
It is gravity that moves the fluid in a siphon, with the water in the longer downward arm pulling the water up the shorter arm," he said.
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0]) is said to satisfy the siphon-trap property if and only if every siphon contains a marked trap (or every minimal siphon contains a marked trap).
I would like to buy a pineapple ice bucket and a soda siphon like the ones she has.
In addition, a total of 32 drying cylinders will be upgraded with PTX steam joint and stationary siphon systems and other accessory equipment.
They are easy to use, hand operated siphon pumps, which make light work of reaching that awkward-to-get-at bit beneath the heating elements.
The Siphon Tee from Perfection Corporation is a unique and simple solution for removing standing water from polyethylene gas distribution mains.
For rapid cleaning, high velocity pressure blast equipment propels media four to six times faster than that of suction or siphon blast systems.
If the break is above the fluid level, there must be adequate tank vapor pressure to force gasoline to siphon upward.
The level of molten metal in the pour siphon can be controlled to a constant height by the application of varying pressure levels to suit the changing filling level in the furnace vessel.