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The first (ignorantia affectata) implies wishing not to know with a view to having an excuse for sinning.
The difference is that you have to update your sinning practices.
e) Contraception "whether within the married state or outside it, is an unnatural vice, sinning against the nature which the Creator bestowed upon us, and therefore grievously displeasing in His sight" (Cardinal Bourne of Westminster, Oct.
Some forgiveness will have to wait for eternity or at least until there is readiness and genuine repentance of the one sinning.
None of us has a right to sit in judgment of individuals who may or may not be sinning.
The Holy Messenger of God (peace be upon him) also indicated the cause and effect relationship between sinning and harm in the following narration, "A man is deprived of provision because of the sins that he commits,"
The victim of the injustice in adultery is the innocent spouse or spouses whose marital rights the sinning parties are violating.
If you choose to believe in the idea of sinning, you must not be hypocritical.