sinking feeling

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sinking feeling

A feeling of dread indicating that something bad has happened or is about to happen. As soon as I met him, I got a sinking feeling that he had bad intentions. When I heard about the plane crash, I had a sinking feeling that my friends were on that flight.
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*sinking feeling

the feeling that everything is going wrong; a bad feeling in the base of one's stomach. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I get a sinking feeling whenever I think of the night of the accident.
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a sinking feeling

COMMON If you have a sinking feeling, you suddenly feel that something bad has happened or is likely to happen. I began to have a sinking feeling that I was not going to get rid of her. I've got a sinking feeling that eight months work has just been lost.
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a (or that) sinking feeling

an unpleasant feeling caused by the realization that something unpleasant or undesirable has happened or is about to happen.
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(get/have) a/that ˈsinking feeling

(informal) a feeling that something bad has happened/is going to happen: Most people know that sinking feeling you get when a bill arrives in the post.
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Lack of a treaty has given Banksy that sinking feeling A child fishes out a graffiti 'tag' from the canal One of the new Banksy pieces which has appeared under Camden Street Bridge
A sinking feeling, mostly, and a somewhat desperate search for the mist-shrouded iceberg that will sink us all.
A sinking feeling overwhelmed me as I saw row upon row of policy and procedure manuals.
It is the worst of times as 401(k), IRA's, and other areas of stock portfolios erode; leaving a sinking feeling in your gut.
A new type of party is being offered in the city which is guaranteed to stop workers getting a sinking feeling - a 70ft narrow boat called The Coventrian.
MY WEEK Punting high Getting with all-the-way Kempton winner Line Artic, who completed an across-the-card double for jockey Liam Heard (underused and deserves more opportunities to showcase his talents) Punting low Backing everything in running bar Leggy Lad in a maiden hurdle at Naas and getting that sinking feeling looking up at my position to see a thick block of red next to Stephen McConville's seven-year-old Taking the bait I can't believe Binocular has made my Champion Hurdle portfolio, falling for him hook, line and sinker after hearing upbeat reports Backhanded compliment It was nice to meet Galway's answer to Jedward on Monday night, who upon introducing themselves said: "Ah, Matt, we are big fans of the column, but you're not as good as that Tom Segal or Donn McClean.
The system from Google is intended to prevent that sinking feeling when emails about the top dog end up in his or her inbox.
US movie bosses planning to release Bill Forsyth's 1980 debut film That Sinking Feeling on DVD felt the original characters were too difficult to understand.
SINKING FEELING The two men are still struggling, but their hired car is beyond help as the tide comes in at Burnham.
THESE two council workmen have that sinking feeling.
BLACK HORSE BOROUGH began their first season in division one of the Birkenhead and Wirral League with a 3-1 win against newly-promoted Admiral giving them that sinking feeling with Phil Hudson scoring a hat-trick for Black Horse.
With two films like ``Das Boat'' and ``The Perfect Storm'' under his belt, it's clear that director Wolfgang Petersen has an affinity for water, but after ``Poseidon'' -- a remake of Irwin Allen's 1972 disaster flick, ``The Poseidon Adventure,'' about an ocean liner that is upended by a tidal wave -- he must have a sinking feeling.
The leggy stunner kept getting that sinking feeling whenever she clambered on to her brightly-coloured board.
THAT SINKING FEELING Aquifers can receive more than just the water that trickles down from the surface.
While taping Bill Buckley's "Firing Line" special on evolution and creation last month, I had the sinking feeling that even many PBS viewers might have such a limited amount of post-college/high school science training that the anti-evolution side might seem to actually make sense.