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And when she came up she said they had struck a rock; there was a big hole in the bottom of the ship; the water was coming in; and they were sinking fast.
The Martinez was sinking fast, for the water was very near.
And now, dear Trip, call them from the lake, for the moon is sinking fast, and we must hasten home.
At last there came a time when it was evident that the patient was sinking fast.
I had no opportunity of asking her any question, until I had told the brothers she was sinking fast, and could not live another day.
This government's policy is fatally holed beneath the water line and is sinking fast," said UKIP migration spokesman Steven Woolfe, describing the numbers as "absolutely staggering.
And with Leicester sinking fast, will Nigel Pearson be allowed to spend again or will he have to accept their fate?
Albion appear to be sinking fast on a run of four straight defeats that has propelled them towards the drop zone.
He will concentrate, through his business acumen, on securing the future of the club, which until his arrival was sinking fast.
The warning was voiced by people who represent businesses and institutions that employ tens of thousands of people, whose socioeconomic situation is sinking fast.
Meanwhile, traders in the UAE also confirmed that with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available in the UAE within this month, prices of the current models are sinking, and sinking fast.
Though the Pirates were sinking fast on 44-6, Dan Cherry (17) and Stuart Phelps (14) kept them afloat, seeing them through to 81-7.
They're sinking fast and comfortably losing games to teams that you wouldn't say are among the hardest in the Premier League.
The car was sinking fast, I could just see the back window, everything was under water," explained Moore.
Marcin, 21, said: "The car was sinking fast and the woman was on back screaming for help, shouting that she couldn't swim.