sing to

sing to someone or something

to sing a song and direct it at someone or something. The singer sang to a man in the front row, and he was very embarrassed by it. Claire sang to an older audience and put many of them to sleep.
See also: sing
References in classic literature ?
The princess, hearing that Varenka had a good voice, asked her to come and sing to them in the evening.
You must sing to me with your breast against a thorn.
With all my heart," said the young man, and without waiting for more pressing he seated himself on the trunk of a felled oak, and tuning his rebeck, presently began to sing to these words.
Also, in the absence of an instrument, Michael would sing to the prompting and accompaniment of Steward's voice, who would begin by wailing "kow-kow" long and sadly, and then branch out on some old song or ballad.
As soon as they had had enough to eat and drink they wanted music and dancing, which are the crowning embellishments of a banquet, so a servant brought a lyre to Phemius, whom they compelled perforce to sing to them.
Thumbelina had to sing to him, so she sang 'Lady-bird, lady- bird, fly away home
Often in Beloved, when characters cannot read or write or even talk about the brutality they experience as slaves, they sing to affirm their participation in life and defend their status as human beings.
Sing to the Prophets, Apostles and Kings, to Our Lord.
If you watch infants and children, you will find that they sing to themselves all the time.
Second, the psalmist tells us that we are to sing to God.
Usually, when birds sing to each other, both teacher and student participate, making it difficult for observers to determine who is doing what.
The psalmist, Jeremiah, Paul, and John the Baptizer all stand before us as examples of people who listen to God sing to the cosmos and then sing that song to others.
After all, we don't need to listen too attentively to the beat of the songs we sing to hear an echo of our own pulse, the rhythm of our breathing, or the cadence of our footfall.
The psalmist and the faithful sing to God prayerful verses filled with hope and anticipation.
Mother Teresa often told Elias that she wanted her to sing to mark the nun's death when that time came.