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sing someone's or something's praises

 and sing the praises of someone or something
Fig. to praise someone highly and enthusiastically. The boss is singing his new secretary's praises. The theater critics are singing the praises of the young actor.
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But she was clearly delighted to launch the Western Australia Tourist Commission in London and sing the praises of her homeland.
Although scholars like Seymour Martin Lipset and Lewis Coser dismissed Packard as simplistic and his data as sloppy, his refusal to sing the praises of corporate America and 50s-style conformity made him heroic to millions of readers.
rife with closeted gay men who sing the praises of Republican family values' by day and cruise for boy prostitutes by night.
Real Estate: According to Chambers, clients sing the praises of this team which fields lawyers that are "talented and always respond on a timely basis".
Andrea Echeverri then uses the raw, emotional power of her velvety voice to sing the praises of women in ``Oye mujer'' and make fun of mass consumerism in ``Don Dinero.
The reputation of a religious-order founder, of course, can sometimes suffer when loyal sons and daughters take pen (or computer) in hand to sing the praises of the holy founder.
This poem ends with the lines, ``We sing the praises of the Prophet Muhammad because it's his birthday.
She is also a proud and dedicated adoptive parent, who will sing the praises of adoption in a heartbeat -- without provocation and without accompaniment.
So how wise would it be to sing the praises of UCLA?
Brad McGann, WisperTEL's Director of RF Engineering, stated, "Not a week goes by that someone in our organization doesn't sing the praises of the Nighthawk product -- no more trips at off hours to recycle power
And to inspire the Santas in their audience, marketers sing the praises of a myriad of tools ``necessary'' for the home handyman.
It would be simple for us to sing the praises of Asigra Televaulting to the IT community and hope that managers would hear what we were saying, buy into the concept and beat a path to our door," said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra.
In posters, radio and television public service announcements, Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher and Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles Sparks players will sing the praises of school lunches.
Busy families have many reasons to sing the praises of slow cooking," says Helen Kurtz, marketing manager for Slow Cooker Helper.