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be (something) itself

To be the embodiment of a particular trait (stated between "be" and "itself"). My mom is just kindness itself—she's always willing to help anyone in need.
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be ˌpatience, ˌhonesty, simˌplicity, etc. itˈself

be an example of complete patience, etc: The manager of the hotel was courtesy itself.Programming the video is simplicity itself.
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Simplicity is a provider of home sewing patterns, decorative trims, knitting and crocheting tools, needle arts and kids' crafts products under the Simplicity, Wrights, Boye, Dimensions, and Perler brand names.
This year's Global Brand Simplicity Index highlights a trend to watch--emerging companies built upon simplicity are incorporating it into everything they say and do, and in the process winning customer minds, hearts and all-important wallets," said David Srere, co-CEO.
We are looking forward to servicing Simplicity customers, including current and former employees of Kaiser Permanente, with a substantially expanded menu of products and services.
Synthetic simplicity is the unity of a plurality; analytic simplicity is the plurality of a unity.
Busy lives needs a little simplicity - especially as we all try to do more with less time, including managing multiple schedules and demands," said Dinesh Sharma, Consumer Banking Head, Citi, MENA.
8220;We are really impressed with the Simplicity BodyChoice massage table,” said Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage.
White simplicity in furniture design is mainly surveyed as a Modernist issue, the exhibition segment about plainness in everyday objects and utensils focuses on the polarity between functionality in use and moderation in luxury.
Consumers can visit the Schick Intuition Facebook page, take the Simplicity Quiz and derive their simplicity profile, then receive customized tips from organizational expert Jill Pollack depending on their profile and personality type.
More than 6,000 consumers across seven countries took part in the survey to uncover perceived points of complexity and simplicity in people's lives.
The Amish life is a harsh one, but a simple one, and there is a certain joy in simplicity.
Weigel observes that Aquinas holds absolute simplicity to be 'the necessary equivalent to God being infinite and enjoying absolute perfection' (15).
Consumer Product Safety Commission contacted the products' manufacturer, Simplicity Inc.
Pancake Day: A simple celebration to begin 40 days of simplicity.