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in simple English

In clear, straightforward, and uncomplicated English terminology. Chronic atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries has stopped oxygen-rich blood from reaching the heart, leading to a myocardial infarction. In simple English, you've suffered a heart attack. I wish these software agreements would be written in simple English, rather than this legalese gobbledygook.
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have a bad case of the simples

Rur. to be stupid. That boy has a bad case of the simples. He can't understand anything. She acts smart enough on the playground, but get her in the classroom and she has a bad case of the simples.
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pure and simple

 and plain and simple
absolutely; without further complication or elaboration. I told you what you must do, and you must do it, pure and simple. Will you kindly explain to me what it is, pure and simple, that I am expected to do? Just tell me plain and simple, do you intend to go or don't you?
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pure and simple

plainly, and without having to say anything else They closed the museum because, pure and simple, it cost too much to run. No one talked about issues or referred to facts - it was just gossip, pure and simple.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form purely and simply: It was purely and simply the most marvelous vacation.
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pure and simple

No more and no less, plainly so, as in This so-called educational video is really a game, pure and simple. This expression is very nearly redundant, since pure and simple here mean "plain" and "unadorned." Oscar Wilde played on it in The Importance of Being Earnest (1895): "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." [Second half of 1800s]
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pure and simple

mod. basically; essentially. Bart is a crook, pure and simple.
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Researchers have to find answers to many questions before even the simplest devices make their debuts.
At its simplest level, EPSS is the genre of job-aid reference training that would put product specs, FAQ's and other handy information at the bank clerk's fingertips, on demand.
The simplest approach is to create one email account for everyone to share.
And, as Dix points out, for most of us that is done "in the simplest needs we meet.
For most Palm models, however, the one-button Hot-Sync synchronization process remains the simplest method.
Terabeam's GigE Gigalink gave us the quickest and simplest way to provide the kind of cost-effective, high-quality service our customers expect from OnFiber.
One of the simplest tasks a new employee undertakes -- filling out his or her W-4 form -- can cause sticky problems for both employee and employer if not done correctly.
Everyone knows the simplest way to make tuna: Open a can, drain the liquid, and mix with mayo.
QA I'm a small business owner looking for the simplest, "user-friendly" software to manage my daily receipts, inventory and products, client appointments, etc.
This permits the simplest possible assessment of thermowell design limitations and insures that it is compatible with the design requirements of the adjacent piping.
Even the simplest dance movements require a precision and control that come only from strength and highly coordinated muscles working in perfect symbiosis.
So she built a robot that was like an infant--"the simplest possible human," she says.
The two simplest and most obvious options are the simplified employee pension plan (SEP/IRA) and the qualified profit-sharing plan (PSP).
The reduction of objects to their simplest geometric form and basic color is also a characteristic of Demand's work.
Anderson said, "The simplest way to transform a satisfied customer into a loyal customer is to communicate with kindness and to be considerate of the person you call customer.