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Absolutely genuine or authentic; pure or untainted. A reference to the character Simon Pure in Susannah Centlivre's 1717 play A Bold Stroke for a Wife. The new leader is promising to bring simon-pure democratic principles back into the political discourse.

the real Simon Pure

old-fashioned The genuine or authentic person or thing; the most pure or untainted example of a type of person or thing. A reference to a character in Susannah Centlivre's 1717 play A Bold Stroke for a Wife. You have to be careful in these market bazaars that what you're buying is the real Simon Pure and not some cheap imitation. Though many had their doubts about her dedication to the cause, the party's new leader has proven herself to be the real Simon Pure.
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simon pure

Absolutely genuine, quite authentic, as in That laboratory test was simon pure; none of the specimens was adulterated. This expression comes from the name of a character in a play, Susannah Centilivre's A Bold Stroke for a Wife (1717), who is the victim of an impersonation but turns up in the end and proves that he is "the real Simon Pure."
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the real Simon Pure

the real or genuine person or thing.
Simon Pure is a character in Susannah Centlivre's A Bold Stroke for a Wife ( 1717 ), who for part of the play is impersonated by another character.
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Simon Legree

(ˈsɑɪmən ləˈgri)
n. a very hard taskmaster; a hard boss. (From the name of the slave driver in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.) Ask Simon Legree if I will be able to stop work and go home for breakfast now.
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Simon alone, and so we came right away round to his rooms at once.
Simon had by no means relaxed his rigid attitude, but had listened with a frowning brow and a compressed lip to this long narrative.
Simon very mercifully and thank our stars that we are never likely to find ourselves in the same position.
One might forgive Simon for his trite themes if he compensated with witty prose.
Today, almost 12 months later, Rudd and Simon have joined forces to create a professional team comprised of several entities that has yielded a "one-stop shopping" operation for almost all areas of real estate services.
In this book Myers and Simon do a better job of being civil than of forming fully persuasive arguments for their positions.
Simon has maintained solid interest and fixed charge coverage metrics over the past several years, even as the company has increased materially in size and the portfolio has become more diverse, most notably as a result of the company's acquisition of Chelsea Property Group in 2004.
We wanted to show the world that there could be a new life after bypass surgery and that, with proper care, the mind and body could accomplish wondrous things,'' says George Simon of Sherman Oaks, who ran the first leg on that historic team.
Simon has clearly thought aboutthe complexities attending his simple idea.
Through Touchstone and Simon & Schuster the winner's book will be available wherever books are sold.
Simon has been putting in 14-hour days welding and cutting in anticipation of the opening of her first solo exhibit.
The main fuel to speed the world's progress," wrote Simon in the introduction to the 1995 collection The State of Humanity, "is our stock of knowledge; the brakes are our lack of imagination and unsound social regulations of these activities.
Given what's on stage at the Geffen Playhouse, I suspect Simon might have welcomed another several go-rounds with the red pen.
Simon spokesman David Carle thinks the Democratic leadership will not take a position on the amendment.
NEWHALL - Will Simons is what you'd call a good kicker with a great head on his shoulders.