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What do you think about the maps, the winners and losers, and the silliest and cleverest features?
The last picture shows a group of chimneys pouring out clouds of smoke and notes that while man is the most intelligent animal he is also the silliest because of the damage humans have caused to the environment.
But first prize for silliest of the lot goes to North Wales Police for its huge billboard posters across Conwy and Denbighshire of Rhyl gangster John Gizzi and his nine henchmen.
All in all, this is the silliest book you've ever seen.
Consumers get a chance to win $1,000 for the silliest precautionary label
We ask her for her take on the buzz and she retorts: " That is probably the silliest thing I have ever heard
Abdul Aziz al-Hammadi noted that men are divorcing their wives for "the silliest reasons," including receiving a telephone call during a football match, and failing to bring a cup of water fast enough.
Moussa Says Fatah, Hamas Dispute Silliest Thing Palestinians Went Through
This documentary celebrates some of the wittiest, silliest or simply smuttiest songs of the past century, ranging from Noel Coward's Mad Dogs and Englishmen to Benny Hill's Ernie.
he said before adding, "I'm the silliest 86-year-old person in the world.
I liked the story "When the Silliest Cat Was Small.
COPPELIA is one of the silliest, yet sweetest, of ballets.
Juergen Prochnow has fun with his stern ``Das Boot'' image as the patriarch of the European clan, and ``Saturday Night Live's'' Will Forte stands out as the silliest, sneeringest example of the German stereotypes on display.
The silliest attack of the heretics this year occurred in St.
Hence the swing to theory (Deconstruction's 'questioning' leading to the silliest notions), history (as if a few quotes could reimmerse us in its flow), art (Minimalism, Conceptualism, Arte Povera, or whatever, as evasions of relevance), spurious scenarios or process (whether using rational methods to irrational ends, or methodologies and research findings played out passively to novel ends).