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sign (one's) life away

To forfeit one's rights or control over some integral aspect of one's life, typically one's financial interests, as through some signed deal or agreement. Because our financial portfolio was so bad, we basically had to sign our lives away to get approved for a mortgage with the bank. If you agree to this plea bargain, the government will have total control over your property, accounts, and future revenue—so think very carefully before you sign your life away.
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signed and sealed

Officially approved or verified; successfully executed or completed. Once the contract is signed and sealed, we'll send an engineer to the house to set up the new satellite dish. The deal between the two companies has been signed and sealed.
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signed, sealed, and delivered

Fig. formally and officially signed; [for a formal document to be] executed. Here is the deed to the propertysigned, sealed, and delivered. I can't begin work on this project until I have the contract signed, sealed, and delivered.
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signed, sealed, and delivered

Completed satisfactorily, as in The house is sold-signed, sealed, and delivered. This idiom refers to a legal deed, which to be valid had to be signed by the seller, sealed with a wax seal, and delivered to the new owner. It began to be used more loosely in the first half of the 1900s.
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signed and sealed


signed, sealed, and delivered

COMMON If an agreement is signed and sealed or signed, sealed, and delivered, it is official and cannot be changed. Although a peace agreement has been signed and sealed, many villagers say they're afraid to return to their homes. A government spokesman said the bill must be signed, sealed and delivered by tomorrow. Note: In the past, documents were `sealed' with wax into which a special mark or design was pressed using a device called a seal. The mark or design in the wax proved that the document was authentic and had not been opened.
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signed, sealed, and delivered (or signed and sealed)

formally and officially agreed and in effect.
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ˌsigned, ˌsealed and deˈlivered


ˌsigned and ˈsealed

definite, because all the legal documents have been signed: At the conference they hope to have a treaty signed, sealed and delivered by Tuesday.
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