sign up

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sign someone up (for something)

to record the agreement of someone, including oneself, to participate in something. Has anyone signed you up for the office picnic? Can you sign up Liz for the party?
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sign someone up (with someone or something)

to record the agreement of someone to join someone, a group of people, or an organization. I want to sign George up with our softball team. Tom signed up his friends with the agency.
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sign up (for something)

to record one's agreement to participate in something. I want to sign up for guitar lessons. We will sign up as soon as possible.
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sign (somebody) up

also sign up somebody
to join or invite someone to join a group or organization Kathy signed up for the soccer team this year. The team signed him up for two years. Local officials worked to sign up students to the summer jobs program.
Usage notes: often used when someone puts their signature on an official document
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sign up

Enlist in an organization; also, register or subscribe to something. For example, He signed up for four years in the navy, or Are you planning to sign up for that pottery class? [Early 1900s]
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sign up

1. To register by or as if by signing one's name; enlist: The army recruiter persuaded me to sign up. I signed up to volunteer at the hospital. Would you like to sign up for our free newsletter?
2. To register someone or something by or as if by signing one's name; enlist someone or something: I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons. The telemarketer signed up another four customers.
3. To hire or engage someone by obtaining a signature on a contract: The producer is signing up actors for a touring play. The team signed a rookie pitcher up for next season.
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Roberts, chief executive officer of the American Red Cross Blood Services, Penn-Jersey Region, and Stuart Myers, MD, professor and chairman of surgery at Temple University Hospital in issuing a universal appeal today for 1500 more donors in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania to sign up to give blood this week.
Little League:Today is the final day to sign up for the Park View Little League.
Coaches, assistant coaches and their children may sign up on Jan.
Bubble Jobs - the leading jobs board for the digital industry - found that 39 per cent of candidate sign ups to their site in 2015 were female, suggesting a higher interest in the sector than is being claimed by the report.
This campaign has also achieved 75,000 new sign ups for the ONE declaration, representing 25% of all ONE sign ups this year.