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sign for

1. To provide one's signature in order to receive or approve of something. Your package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Please be sure someone will be present to sign for it. A: "I need a signature saying this project was approved." B: "I can sign for it."
2. To provide one's signature (on or for something) in lieu of someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sign" and "for." The boss isn't here right now, but I can for her. Sarah will be signing all time slips for me while I'm away.
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sign something for someone

1. to sign one's signature on a paper in place of someone else's signature. Would you please sign this for me? I can't sign it right now. Would you sign it for me?
2. to sign a paper for another person, using that person's name, adding the phrase "by [one's own name]." When the delivery comes, will you please sign my name for me? I signed Ted's name for him.
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sign for someone

to sign something, using one's own signature in place of someone else's signature; to sign something, using another person's name, adding the phrase "by [one's own name]." He's not here. I will sign for him. Where do I sign? Who will sign for Mr. Wilson?
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sign for something

to sign a piece of paper indicating that one has received something. Would you sign for this, please? Ted signed for the package and opened it up.
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sign for

To accept some delivery by signing a document: I went to the door to sign for the package.
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The staff of the Department of Recreation and Parks recommended against the plan, saying it would create safety hazards and set a precedent for any organization that wants to alter the sign for its own purposes.
the sign for "paper" to include letters, envelopes, inserts, etc.
For example, when teaching the sign for "sit" the instructor paired this with the natural body movement of sitting down as the learner's hands were placed on the shoulders of the instructor as well as feeling the chair.
Before the city incorporated in 1987, the county approved the sign for an auto dealership, later replaced by the health club.
The 40-foot-tall sign for the Santa Clarita Athletic Club, a local fixture for more than a decade, must come down under the city's restrictions on business advertising and freeway visibility.
A business is allowed only one such sign for every site with at least three acres and 500 feet of street frontage.