sign away

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sign something away

to sign a paper in which one gives away one's rights to something. Valerie signed her rights away. she signed away her claim to the money.
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sign away something

also sign something away
to give up your claim to something by writing your name on a document sign over something He tricked her into signing away the property that she intended to leave to her friend. You're signing your rights away when you sign that form.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form sign your life away (give up all your rights): It felt like we had to sign our lives away to get a loan from the bank.
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sign away

To give something up by signing one's name; relinquish something by signature: When they agreed to settle the lawsuit, they signed away their claim to the estate. If you wanted the right to sell your work independently, you shouldn't have signed it away by joining the organization.
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Since November, 1997, new savers and borrowers have had to sign away any windfalls to charity.
Arafat should not be induced to surrender the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes or to sign away Muslim rights in Jerusalem.
A fork-lift truck driver has been awarded Pounds 1,320 compensation in a landmark case after he was sacked for refusing to sign away his overtime limit.
The AFL teams force us to sign away all our rights while giving players minimum job security.
ULSTER Bank staff are being discriminated against and forced to sign away their rights, it was claimed yesterday.
They claimed at a hearing in February this year that they were forced to sign away their rights after "threats" and "undue pressure" when they were sacked from the band later that year.
Steve Rogers, head of the Birmingham branch of the Movement, formerly the Referendum Party, claimed the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, Home Secretary Jack Straw and Attorney General Lord Williams, would sign away British powers to Europe.
But savers will have to sign away their rights to a windfall to a charity if the society becomes a plc.
Then you've got to sign away your rights to use the painting for any unseemly commercial purposes.
Our fault in the Union's eyes is that we have refused to sign away our employees' rights in advance, or to pressure them by bowing to Union demands for public relations ploys such as a so-called 'neutrality agreement'.
Millionaire Paul Stretford videotaped a meeting claiming former boxer John Hyland and Christopher and Anthony Bacon, 38, tried to get him to sign away half of his earnings from Rooney over the next 10 years.
The bank will own the land he was forced to sign away for the next 15 years and he will be responsible for the debt.
Legal settlements: The ``gag'' on talking about a successful lawsuit against your employer means ``you sign away your right to discuss it, except with persons such as your spouse, lawyer or accountant,'' said Susan Benton-Powers, a labor employment attorney and partner at Sonnenshein Nath & Rosenthal.
25, 1995--Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will visit Wall Street Tuesday afternoon to sign away more than $68 million in public land mining rights to a private corporation for just $540.