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When restricted to one-ear, or monaural, listening, four of the eight blind people identified sound sources more accurately than did the sighted people, says study coauthor Michel Pare, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal.
An education does not provide economic opportunity for blind and visually impaired women equal to that provided to their sighted peers, male or female, or to blind and visually impaired men, according to the preliminary results of a 3-year national study conducted by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and Mississippi State University.
Through this survey, we've attempted to compare the impact of educational background on current occupational status and life satisfaction for blind, visually impaired and sighted people, respectively," said Corinne Kirchner, Ph.
Twenty-seven percent of sighted women have a household monthly income of $2,500 or more (from all sources) as do 48 percent of sighted men.
then it's more a trial and error matter and about the only time I feel having a rifle/scope combo bore sighted at a store is beneficial.
Blind and sighted individuals performed comparably well when localizing sounds from about 3 meters away that were directly in front of them or just to either side of center front.
In contrast, blind individuals perceived sounds from the right or left and behind their bodies more accurately than sighted volunteers did.
Bushway, who is studying nonprofit management, also takes numerous rides with sighted Pepperdine friends in the Santa Monica Mountains, located above the campus.
When a person is legally blind the natural tendency is to rely upon his/her minimal vision, even though a blind person with 10 percent or less vision is unable to complete tasks in the same visual manner as a fully sighted person.
I was taught how to use this cane by a sighted instructor who had undergone extensive sleepshade training.
With these capabilities, he's made a transition from being an expert blind skier, who depended on verbal directions from a sighted guide, to being a competent sighted skier.
Moreover, psychological investigations suggest that blind people perform better than their sighted peers do on tests of verbal memory.