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have a mind like a sieve

To be exceptionally forgetful or absentminded. I need to start getting more sleep at night, because lately I've had a mind like a sieve. John has a mind like a sieve—I had to leave him three separate reminders about the play tomorrow night!
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have a memory/mind like a sieve

to be very bad at remembering things I've never known anyone so forgetful - she's got a memory like a sieve.
See also: have, like, memory, sieve
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It also shows the mean and range of saturation levels of samples that were dry enough to be sieved both within and outside of the practicality range (defined as the range of saturation levels that allowed for sieving within 30 minutes).
For more information, contact Jones at 352-395-5008 or Sieving at 352-846-0569.
The incorporation of specially designed showering nozzles allow the Hosokawa Micron Viblette[TM] VBL to achieve accurate sieving using just about a sixth of the amount of water used by conventional wet sieves.
Also Farleygreene will be launching their new Eco 3 in 1 sieving station giving low volume users a check screen and dusthood arrangement, to protect operators from harmful airborne dust, within an affordable budget.
A spokesperson at Warburtons Wednesbury, said: "The sieving stage of the process is critical to ensure that products remain un contaminated.
Certified tension bonding process *Adaptor ring to retro fit old, out of date sieving machine rings *Inline vacuum / pneumatic transfer model
The highly successful Russell 3-in-1 Sieving Station has been further engineered to include a fully integrated screw conveyor.
Farleygreene, now celebrating its 30th year, will be exhibiting their high performance Sievmaster sieving machinery together with examples of their mixing range.
The new under pressure development means that now the underpressure in the sieving chamber and the dispersing effect of the jet is monitored and controlled and regulated keeping it constant throughout the entire sieving process.
Russell Finex, manufacturers of vibratory sieving and self-cleaning filtering equipment, will be exhibiting new machinery suitable for a range of food applications from sieving / check screening flour, nuts, sugar and other powders to filtering liquid chocolate, milk and alcohol.
Over recent years the demand for greater sieving capacity, and number of separations, has led to an increase in the size and number of sieving decks fitted to sieves and separators.
Sieving capacities increase because all the apertures remain clear and powder can pass through them.
The Vibrair system's first stage provides check sieving of the incoming virgin pulverised sugar, bulk density 0.
Farleygreene have announced their latest range of Sievmaster sieving machines, the SM 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1500.