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have a mind like a sieve

To be exceptionally forgetful or absentminded. I need to start getting more sleep at night, because lately I've had a mind like a sieve. John has a mind like a sieve—I had to leave him three separate reminders about the play tomorrow night!
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have a memory/mind like a sieve

to be very bad at remembering things I've never known anyone so forgetful - she's got a memory like a sieve.
See also: have, like, memory, sieve
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Zeelandia decided to install two custom built Compact 900 sieves.
This unit is available with the HK Ultrasonic Sieving System, designed to excite the sieves above and below the sonic transmission ring.
As a result, it is getting more and more difficult to get a 'local pea' through the sieves.
The distribution refers to the quantity of sand retained on each individual sieve, rather than the average of all sand retained on all sieves.
The Sieve Certification System provides fast and accurate calibration of wire mesh sieves with full compliance to the ASTM Eli and ISO 3310 standards.
The roots of molecular sieves go back to 1756, when a Swedish mineralogist by the name of Cronstedt first discovered intriguing crystals in nature that seemed to froth or boil when heated in a blowpipe flame.
Suslick and his colleagues describe their molecular sieve in the October Nature Materials.
The amount of silane required was estimated by calculating the surface area of the sieves in suspension and dividing that by the wetting surface of the silane obtained from reference 14.
Polyurethane elastomers have excellent abrasion resistance and are used in a quarry as sieves to classify macadam.
Zeolite molecular sieves are crystalline structures that, on a molecular scale, are like sponges.
I Frame,06 Set& Pan and Cover for 30mm dia Sieves,06 Nos.
Therefore there has been a move to use gravity fed circular vibratory sieves as an alternative.
Endecotts World Class Certified Test Sieves provide accurate, dependable results for precise particle size analysis, says Sinar Technology.
EasySieve comes in two versions: "standard," with features as described above, and "comfort," which offers (in addition to standard features) identification of used sieves by serial number, trend analysis, and various other functions.
Company offers quality testing sieves featuring a new system using a high-strength epoxy bead for mounting and tensioning of wire cloth which assures extended life and eliminates cavities and recesses that can trap particles.