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have a mind like a sieve

To be exceptionally forgetful or absentminded. I need to start getting more sleep at night, because lately I've had a mind like a sieve. John has a mind like a sieve—I had to leave him three separate reminders about the play tomorrow night!
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have a memory/mind like a sieve

to be very bad at remembering things I've never known anyone so forgetful - she's got a memory like a sieve.
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It also shows the mean and range of saturation levels of samples that were dry enough to be sieved both within and outside of the practicality range (defined as the range of saturation levels that allowed for sieving within 30 minutes).
Therefore, soil samples with <65 percent saturation can be sieved in the field to less than 125 [micro]m.
Determination of the feasibility of using the portable X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer in the field for measuring the lead content of sieved soil.
TABLE 3 Statistics for Percentage Saturation in Soil Dry Enough to Sieve (n = 24) Samples within Too Wet to Sieve All samples dry enough practicalitya range Statistic (n = 6) (n = 24) (n = 22) Mean 73% 39% 36% Minimum 65% 10% 10% Maximum 90% 80% 60% (a) Practicality is defined as the sample being able to be sieved within 30 minutes.
Similarly, numerous sieved silt samples are anomalous within this large source area, for example, greater than 15 ppb (parts per billion) gold with a large number being in excess of 100 ppb gold (maximum of 1142 ppb gold - see attached maps).
The samples were subjected to caustic fusion and then sieved.