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have a mind like a sieve

To be exceptionally forgetful or absentminded. I need to start getting more sleep at night, because lately I've had a mind like a sieve. John has a mind like a sieve—I had to leave him three separate reminders about the play tomorrow night!
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have a memory/mind like a sieve

to be very bad at remembering things I've never known anyone so forgetful - she's got a memory like a sieve.
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In addition to achieving Zeelandia's productivity gains, the new sieves needed to meet strict hygiene and safety standards, including HACCP and ATEX legislations.
Zeolite molecular sieve industry import/export consumption, supply and demand figures and cost price production value gross margins are provided.
The HK system can also be retrofitted to existing sieve towers.
Ensure the detector has a new operational sieve pack (white) and not the yellow factory sieve pack containing charcoal.
As a result, it is getting more and more difficult to get a 'local pea' through the sieves.
The weight retained on each sieve is divided by the total sample weight to arrive at the percent retained on each screen.
One of our aims with SIEVE is to visualize the interaction of above- and below-ground data.
The results obtained by the XRF protocol outlined here are highly correlated with laboratory results for the sieve, grind, and mixture soil measurement methods.
Smarandache n-ary power sieve is defined as following:
kg) Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve Sieve
First, the final RAS product must be sized and screened such that 100 percent passes a 1/2-inch sieve screen.
Strain through fine-mesh sieve and transfer cream to Thermomix[R] machine.
The firm's quality assurance program includes many tests, including one for precise determination of the grain size distribution of ground rubber via air jet sieve LS 200-N, in order to check the fractionation efficiency and to establish optimum process parameters.
The layer is about 20-40 weight percent, based on the weight of the layer, of a molecular sieve having a mean particle size of about 1-15 microns and less than 1 weight percent, based on weight of molecular sieve, of particle size greater than about 40 microns.