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side with (someone or something)

To join or align with someone or something; to support, favor, or share the opinion of someone or something. The judge sided with the tech company, stating that the plaintiff didn't have enough credible evidence. Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I have to side with Bill on this issue. It was the only country to side with the rebel group, offering them military and financial aid.
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blind side

1. verb To startle or surprise someone, as with a piece of information. Tommy totally blind sided me when he told me he was going to prom with my ex-girlfriend.
2. verb To physically strike someone who is not in a position to defend themselves. Come on, ref, isn't that a penalty? He totally blind sided me and hit me in the head!
3. noun The side that one is not currently facing. Come on, ref, isn't that a penalty? He totally hit me on my blind side!
4. noun An area that is not able to be seen, either due to its location outside of the field of vision, or due to some physical obstruction or a defect in one's vision. That car must have been on my blind side because I didn't see it coming at all!
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side against (one)

To take the opposing side of one in an argument, dispute, or conflict. I'm afraid the board of directors has sided against you in this case—we'll be expecting your resignation directly. You always side against me when your mother starts to criticize me.
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blind side

see under blind spot.
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She said the company had only received a few complaints about the hardwood siding over the past two decades, less than 1 percent of which resulted in lawsuits.
And a company decision last year to halt production of the siding had nothing to do with the lawsuit, she said.
APEX siding and trim, made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, is a premium siding for homeowners who simply want the best looking and highest performing siding on their home," said John Gardner, director of sales and marketing for APEX Siding System.
APEX siding and trim offers the look of freshly painted wood - without the headaches and hassles of maintaining fiber cement or wood," Gardner added.
Available in ten rich, bold, and enduring colors, APEX siding and trim offers clean, crisp lines and tight seams that separate homes sided with APEX house siding from those sided with fiber cement and even real wood.
We believe APEX siding and trim will be a game-changer, especially in South Dakota, which experiences a wide range of weather conditions," added Nielsen.
Recent Industry Activity II-20 Associated Materials to Trim Down Vinyl Siding Production II-20 Boral's New Plant at Tere Haute II-20 Norandex Building Acquires Area Vinyl Siding II-20 Advance Window & Siding Merges with Kuhn's Roofing II-20 Norandex Building Materials Inaugurates two New Branches II-20 Pavestone Company L.
Monogram 46L is available in 12 of the most popular Monogram siding colors and features a Rough Cedar Finish, molded from real cedar clapboards.
CertainTeed's TrueComfort Insulated Siding is reinforced with 1" of polystyrene insulation backing that supports the contour of the siding, creating a "thermal envelope" around a home.
Chiantelli of San Francisco Superior Court's final approval order authorizes the establishment of an inspection and claims program that will provide compensation for hundreds of thousands of property owners nationwide who have failing Weyerhaeuser Company brand exterior hardboard siding that has swollen, warped, buckled, or otherwise prematurely deteriorated.
Attorneys for homeowners announced today a nationwide settlement of a class action lawsuit pending in San Francisco Superior Court against Weyerhaeuser Company, a Washington corporation, relating to Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding installed by homeowners on potentially millions of homes and other structures in California and across the country from January 1, 1981 through December 31, 1999.
today introduced the innovative Siding in a Can(TM) system, a set of premium acrylic exterior coatings that restore worn and weathered siding, stucco and masonry surfaces.
The nationwide class action settlement involves hardboard siding manufactured by Masonite Corporation and sold to millions of homeowners across the country.
ABP donated enough vinyl siding for at least 12 of the homes, according to Gold who said, "working side-by-side with President Carter and volunteers from all over the country to help build a future together has been an incredibly rewarding experience.