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sidewalk superintendent

1. n. someone who—out of curiosity—watches excavations being dug and buildings being built. All day, the lines of sidewalk superintendents oozed by.
2. n. any critic. If another sidewalk superintendent comes in here and tries to tell me how to manage this office, heads will roll.
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sidewalk surfing

n. skateboarding. Bill spent a lot of time sidewalk surfing until the town passed an ordinance against it.
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71), which would deploy new conventions in map-making such as testimony and visionary maps, DIY urbanisms, and new forms of representing space that would 'unveil rather than obscure sidewalk life' (p.
Chapter Two announces a discussion of the evolution of HCMC's sidewalk space since the pre-colonial era.
It shall be the duty of the owner of real property abutting any sidewalk, including, but not limited to, the intersection quadrant for corner property, to maintain such sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
I felt so bothered by the possible danger and harm these sidewalks pose to the limbs of pedestrians that I felt constrained during a recent, brief family vacation in Beijing, to measure the sidewalk there.
Tickets were issued to those who failed to shovel sidewalks abutting their properties, as well as to those who shoveled snow into the street.
To avoid this situation, consider becoming familiar with municipal requirements for the installation of any sidewalk ordinances and the property maintenance code adopted by the municipality that governs the general sidewalk condition.
The sidewalk tariff does not apply in areas where the sidewalk is only two metres wide or less as in such instances, all building and storing activities are prohibited on the sidewalk.
Pinellas County's sidewalk updates will commence after the study is complete.
2002) related that sidewalk engineers in Cincinnati, Ohio, considered that sidewalks should last a period of 20 to 25 years, but not indefinitely.
It's legal to walk a bicycle on a downtown sidewalk, but the prohibition against riding bikes on downtown sidewalks dates to 1976; the law against skateboard riding on downtown sidewalks was enacted in 1989.
The first phase started in May and cost $112,000 to repair the sidewalks on three streets, he said.
According to the Director of Construction Department, Engineer Mohammed Rahahleh, GAM issued new and modern pavement instructions clarifying the mode of constructing sidewalks according to international standards; it also reconstructed many sidewalks of main streets in Amman and its regions.
Done well, a sidewalk will greatly enhance the footprint of a building; done poorly, it will detract from the beauty of a building.
Standard on Sidewalk models are automatic stability control, multifunction leather steering wheel, mirror caps in body colour, chrome line interior, passenger seat height adjustment, sports seats, storage compartment pack, front fog lamps, manual air conditioning, onboard computer, interior light pack and white indicators.
The Sidewalk option will be offered on the MINI One, Cooper and Cooper S models from April.