shy away from (someone or something)

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shy away from (someone or something)

To avoid someone or something. I shy away from confrontation because I just don't like conflict. Are you mad at me? You've been shying away from me all day.
See also: away, shy

shy away (from someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. The dog shies away from John since he kicked it. I can understand why the dog would shy away.
See also: away, shy

shy away from

Avoid, evade, as in He shied away from all questions concerning his private life. [Late 1700s]
See also: away, shy

shy away

1. To retreat out of a sense of shyness: The deer poked its head out from the bushes and then shied away when it saw me.
2. To avoid doing something, especially out of caution or anxiety: The company shied away from giving raises this year.
See also: away, shy
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But with the onset of the Vietnam War and the debate about abortion, schools started to shy away from it.
Arnold knows all about modern New Testament scholarship; and he doesn't shy away from its radical conclusions, as when he observes that Peter's conversation with Jesus ("Yes, Lord, you know that I love you," etc.
Because the hormone must be injected daily, many people will shy away from its use, LeBoyer said.