shy away from

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shy away from somebody

to avoid someone She shied away from reporters during her brief visit to this country.
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shy away from something/doing something

to avoid something I tend to shy away from big guitar solos on records. At first, some companies shied away from selling merchandise on the Internet, but not for long.
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shy away from

Avoid, evade, as in He shied away from all questions concerning his private life. [Late 1700s]
See also: away, shy
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Pietersen said: "What people should know is that every single time I turn up for a training session and every single time I turn up for an international I will never ever shy away from anything.
As executives rethink their traditional strategies, this innovative product delivers a new way of increasing revenue as newspapers can better retain existing customers and attract new ones who may otherwise shy away from publishing their personal telephone numbers.
The idea is to shy away from naming buildings after individuals, at least for now.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2003: Those of you familiar with Nolan's work (Dancing on the Edge and Born Blue) know she doesn't shy away from difficult subjects such as troubled teenagers and religious themes.
Transcendental Illuminations does not shy away from presenting metaphysical arguments about sensitive topics such as abortion (the claim is made that whether one has an abortion is based on God's predetermined dharma for each individual soul experience, and therefore there is no transgression against God).
The Minority Leader said some supporters of the bill had refused to believe the legislation would cause landlords to shy away from renting to families with children under the age of seven, adding, "Did they expect landlords to come in [to City Hall] and testify that they were going to break the law?
These seemingly opposed approaches actually intersect in the concept of infinity, the Kaplans write, In making such points, the authors don't shy away from equations, theorems, and graphs.
Nor does Colescott shy away from self-examination: he takes stock of his status as an accomplished black artist still on the edge of a white-dominated art establishment.
Despite the increasing need to possess CBN detection equipment, several end users shy away from investing in them due to the huge costs of training and maintenance and high rates of false alarm.
GLENDALE -- Even though she was named one of California's top five teachers last year, Kim Labinger doesn't shy away from listening to new ideas for teaching her fourth-graders.
And rather than shy away from this fact, Morel makes it the dramatic boiling point in a film awash in homoerotic imagery, including a casual orgy with a transsexual hooker.
Frank, author of the all-too-realistic and impressive Life is Funny (reviewed in KLIATT, March 2000) and America (reviewed in January 2002), doesn't shy away from difficult topics, and this novel is no exception.
The new loan program is one of the very few which offers loans to individuals looking to buy a small studio apartment, or first-time buyers with non-traditional credit histories that more mainstream institutions tend to shy away from.
Physicians often shy away from this diagnosis for fear of causing shame and anger in those affected, the investigators add.