shuttle from

shuttle someone or something from (person to person)

 and shuttle someone or something from place to place
(Specific persons or places are sometimes expressed.) to move or pass someone or something from person to person; to move or pass someone or something from place to place. My phone call was shuttled from person to person. Mary shuttled her children from home to school to practice.
See also: shuttle
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A crawler transporter does exactly what its name implies; it transports a space shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad at a crawling pace (1 mph).
Al Pascua, 51, of Stevenson Ranch said he needs the shuttle from the Metrolink station to get to his job at Disney, and he usually gets there in 10 to 15 minutes.
This is terrible,'' said John Ford, of Temecula, a flight engineer just off an LAX shuttle from a trip to Saudi Arabia.
It takes nearly one week and costs $750,000 to ferry a space shuttle from California to Florida.
Considering the predicted high level of risk from this hazard even after these modifications are made, the space shuttle upgrades program should solicit additional upgrade proposals for protecting the shuttle from meteoroids and orbital debris,'' the report said.
Workers also are installing lighter weight thermal protection system to replace some of the fragile tiles that protect the shuttle from the heat of re-entry from space.
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