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Act as if I was-- shut my mouth up, tell me not to commit myself, keep circumstances back, chop the evidence small, quibble, and get me off perhaps
he knows nothing, himself; for the oath I gave my uncle has shut my mouth.
I just managed to open and shut my mouth, no more, being taken unawares.
I once mentioned Jesus and my father told me to shut my mouth.
If I were the father of such a monster, I would shut my mouth in shame," French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Tuesday.
I tried to run away but he grabbed me, shut my mouth and raped me," she claimed in court documents.
The first time I mentioned Jesus I was told to shut my mouth.
I spoke with Vitali in Germany and he has been telling me he wants to shut my mouth up.
Oops, better shut my mouth, just remembered I once wrote something about Dickie and the next day he was waiting to talk to me at the front door of the Mirror office.
I think if I had shut my mouth, taken the abuse, worked in a faulty suit, I would still be there now.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I told him the dog shouldn't be allowed out if it was going to bite people, but the man told me to shut my mouth, and how dare I have a go at him.
I'm sure my management and certain people around me would be happy if I had shut my mouth and puckered up years ago because they'd be making a lot more money if I had," she said.
What song will you sing to shut my eyes, to shut my mouth and kill my little body for the night?
When I mentioned Him to my father, I was told to shut my mouth by him and other atheists.
To be honest with you, at first people started to think that I was a little funny, and then I just shut my mouth and that's all I would do is sign.